Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine and the 'Stem Cell Hotel'


The Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine at Guy’s Hospital is a nucleus for cutting-edge stem cell research taking place across the College and its partner NHS trusts, as part of King’s Health Partners.


Located within the CSCRM, The Stem Cell Hotel is a collaborative phenotyping facility serving internal scientists and enabling external scientists to access a dedicated laboratory space, working as a meeting point for academia and industry.



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  Our Location is at the 28th floor of Guy's Tower.               
Induced pluripotent stem cells distinguished from feeders via image analysis.

    Credit: Arup                                                                                             Credit: Oliver Culley, Andreas Reimer, Darrick Hansen, HipSci Cell Phenotyping


This 'Stem Cell Hotel' is set within the framework of the Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Initiative (HIPSCI) and serves the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) working in collaboration with the NHS Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).
The project is spearheaded by Davide Danovi fostering academic, clinical and commercial research in a highly collaborative environment. It brings together technologies and users in the space of stem cell biology with cell based assays, imaging with high-content analysis, and materials with microenvironments and complex culture methods.
It also leverages expertise in data analysis and integration and innovative research projects ongoing such as the development of standard methods for characterisation of human Pluripotent Stem Cells. Resources and expertise in stem cell biology, artificial microenvironments for cell culture and high content imaging are provided to users as a  service. 


Overview of Services


The group offers the use of its state-of-the-art imaging equipment to trained internal and external users. We are available for training and advice and to discuss the possibility of collaborating on specific projects of mutual interest. The instruments offered by the 'Stem Cell Hotel' include high-content imaging and analysis devices (Perkin Elmer Operetta CLS and Perkin Elmer Operetta Mark1), live imaging devices (Essen Biosciences Incucyte Zoom, Nanoentek JuliStage) and quantitative phase microscopy devices (Phasefocus Livecyte). More information about the different instruments available can be found at the 'Schedule equipment' tab.

For further information, please email Davide Danovi, director of the Cell Phenotyping Platform at the Centre.  He is happy to discuss collaborative projects, user's needs for setups and assays, and assistance with further multiparametrical analyses.


Links, Resources, and general information


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Hours of operation

for Operetta Mark1 and Operetta CLS, Tue-Wed-Thu for External users, 9am-12pm

Specific needs outside this time can be discussed on demand.




                                                         Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, King's College London
                                                         28th floor, Tower Wing, Guy's Hospital - Great Maze Pond, LONDON SE1 9RT, UK
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